appetizers - from the sea

GF - Camarao A Guilho 11/21
wild shrimp, organic white beans,
organic baby spinach, red garlic broth
Bacalhou Frito 9
salted cod fish potato fritters, vegan lemon aioli
GF - Escargot 12
local mushrooms, butter pesto

appetizers - from the farm

GF - Curry Maple Duck Wings  11

Empanada DuJour 8
GF - Local Portuguese Chorizo 9
onions, mushrooms, peppers
Local Hudson Valley Duck Tacos 12
pulled duck, pickled purple cabbage,
cilantro lime emulsion

appetizers - from the garden

vv - Organic Avocado Hummus Mouse 8
VV GF - Vegetable Croque 9
ground vegetables, organic quinoa,
organic black beans, vegan lemon aioli
VV GF - Curry Roasted Potatoes 8
vegan curry aioli, cilantro, coarse sea salt

organic salads

VV GF - Le Pettite 9
organic mesclun, fresh corn, organic carrots, onions,
tomato and avocado citrus dressing
VV GF - Raw Organic Carrot Salad 10
dried cranberries, caramelized pumpkin seeds,
fresh mint, avocado citrus dressing
V GF - Local Organic Beet Salad 11
organic greens, local goat cheese, toasted pine nuts,
apple, vegan lemon aioli, balsamic
V - Walnut Street Salad 15
organic spinach, caramelized walnuts, fresh corn, figs,
avocado, onion, organic egg, walnut goat cheese crust,
roasted walnut balsamic dressing


VV GF - Organic Quinoa 8
VV GF - Hand Cut Sweet Potato Frites 7
VV GF - Organic Rice & Beans 10
VV GF - Sauteed Vegetables 8
VV GF - Hand Cut Frites & Fine Herbs 7
VV GF - Basmati Cumin Rice 8

le crust
gluten free available, add 2

Le Salbuen Pork Bacon Burger on Brioche Bun 18
local heritage pork and bacon patty, local aged cheddar
maple caramelized organic apples, onions
Organic Grass-Fed Dry Aged Beef Burger on Brioche Bun 18
shaved truffle, Kenneth Square PA mushrooms, shallots,
capers, pickled purple cabbage,
Valley Shepherd NJ gruyere, duck fat frites
VV - Artisinal Vegan Patty on Walnut Raisen Bread 15
walnut toast, organic avocado, tomato, red onion,
organic mesclun, vegenaise, walnut balsamic
Grilled Local Organic Mushroom & Chicken on Multi Grain 15
Valley Shepherd NJ gruyere, shallots, balsamic


Hudson Valley Braised Duck with Frites 24
duck ragu, parisian carrots, onions, tomatoes
Grassfed Organic Braised Short Rib m/p
Chianti tomato compote, pickled purple cabbage
over mashed potoes or frites
GF V - Organic Indian Chicken or Organic Tofu Makhani  22
red curry vegetable yogurt puree, tomatoes,
basmati cumin rice, cilantro
GF - Merguez Lamb Sausage 23
eggplant and dried cranberry organic quinoa,
organic avocado hummus mousse, sauteed vegetables
Pan Seared Wild Salmon 25
sesame stir fried vegetables, organic brown rice,
organic avocado, mustard mousse
GF V - Organic Cuban Black Beans & Brown rice 19 Add Chorizo 5
local organic egg, organic avocado,
sauteed smoked paprika vegetables,
organic banana frito
GF VV - Vegan Gumbo 18 Add Chicken and Shrimp 6
red beans, okra, peppers, onions,
basmati cumin rice, mixed vegetables


Seafood Mixto 29
seafood dujour, tomatoes, fresh pappardella,
smoked paprika, organic light cream
Bolognese Pappardella 22
two-hour braised veal, beef & pork,
shaved parmesan, creme fraiche
VV - Vegan Pasta Dujour m/p
whatever the farmer brings
***Gluten Free Available Add 2

V - Vegetarian   VV - Vegan
We proudly serve pasture raised eggs from Sandys Egg Farm, PA,
Valley Shepherd cheese, NJ,
Balthazar bread and pastries